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Go Eagles!
Trivia Questions
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Can You Answer These?

  1. What two players in the same year had three INTs in the NFC and AFC Championship game respectively?
  2. What two players won two Superbowl MVPs?
  3. Who picked off D Mac to clinch the Bucs-Eagles NFC Championship game?
  4. These two former Eagles played each other in the last game of the 2004-2005 season. 1 year removed from the Eagles, they also are 1 number away from each other.
  5. What team did Emmitt Smith break the rushing record aganist?
  6. DMac's 1st significant injury was aganist this team yet he finished the game and did something remarkable. Name the team and the remarkable event.
  7. The 1st offensive play for TO aganist his former team, the Ravens, in preseason resulted in a TD. How long was it?
  8. The Eagles traded AJ Feeley to the Fins last offseason for a draft pick. What round was the draft pick?
  9. The Eagles signed two former superbowl winners on offense from the Packers over the past few years. Who are these two former Cheeseheads?
  10. LJ Smiths first game was aganist the Bucs and on a fake FG, the Eagles threw to him and he scored. How many yards was the TD?










1. Ty Law and Ricky Manning Jr vs the Colts and Pats.

2. Bart Starr and Terry Bradshaw

3. Ronde Barber

4. Troy Vincent and Duce Staley

5. The Seahawks

6. Threw for 4 TDs vs the Cards

7. 81 Yards for #81

8. 2nd Rounder

9. Antonio Freeman and Dorsey Levens aka Dorky Levens

10. If you said 27 yards, you, my friend are dumb and should get off my site. LJ dropped the potential TD pass.


Rate Yourself
10- 1st Pick Overall
8-9- 1st Round Draft Pick 
5-7- 2nd Round Draft Pick
3-4- 3rd Round Draft Pick
2-under- Undrafted