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Go Eagles!


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Home-Field Advantage Again

Well it's that time of the year again. No, not holiday season, but the NFL post-season. As usual the Eagles are in the playoffs. They are expected to play the Seahawks but can also play the Vikes or the Rams. I would rather see them play the Rams. Although the Rams may be the most lethal, on the offensive side, of the teams, I just don't see them winning 2 in a row aganist the Eagles, four in a row overall and two in a row on the road in hostile places. I wouldn't mind playing the Seahawks because they haven't learned how to catch and barely beat a Falcons team led by Matt Schuab. The Vikes don't scare me because we beat them last time and we can do it again and frankly, they can't beat the Packers in GB. Second Round, more than likely we are gonna be playing the Falcons. Although, I want to touch on the possibilty of playing the Packers. I'm NOT scared. It seems that everytime the Eagles are possed to play the Packers, they are supossed to lose to Favre-led Packers. Last year, we swept them twice, this year...for the sake of Packer fans, I won't even talk about it. So the Falcons will more than likely come into the Linc to take on the Eagles. Obviously the everyday football fan will say that Vick will be the X factor. To this, I say, shut up. Vick may be fast, but last time I checked Jevon Kearse is too. Jevon will be riding Vick all day and if Vick does decide to run away, Brian Dawkins will lay a licking on him like he did the last time they played in the playoffs. Yes TO won't be here for any of these games. That's fine, the Eagles only drive after the Dallas Game with their starters excluding Westbrook resulted in a touchdown. Also the Falcons were shut out by the Bucs and had I didn't make a mistake, I said, 8, eight, rushing touchdowns scored on them by the Cheifs. The Falcons also had a fun time with the Lions.

Eagles: 13-3
Cowboys: 6-10
Redskins: 6-10
Giants: 6-10


Here is the Eagles Post-Season schedule.

Eagles will host atleast one playoff game. It will take place on Sat/Jan/15th or Sat/Jan/16th at the Linc. The Eagles will play either the Rams, Seahawks or Vikes.